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  • Friday 22 Jun 2018

Playing The Game

You will be asked a multiple choice quiz question - the subject of which will appear in the top left hand corner along with the difficulty rating - all you have to do is click the right answer. You will then receive another question.

You continue answering questions until all 3 lives are lost.

You lose a life when your time runs out, or if you answer incorrectly.


An easy question is worth 1 point, medium 2 points and hard 3 points. The time left on the clock when you answer correctly is multiplied by the difficulty rating score to give your question score. e.g. If you answer a hard question correctly with 10 seconds remaining, you receive 10 (Time remaining) x 3 (Rating) = 30 points

High Scores

There are a number of high score tables for each game Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and All-Time - which show the high scores for the game per time period.

My Details

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Report Error

We try our best but with 200,000 questions in our database, the odd error will crop up.

If you spot an error, immediately after the question, click the Report Error button and give us as many details as possible - the form will open in a pop-up window and will not interrupt your game.


It costs us loads in bandwidth, time, effort and energy to keep these quiz games free to play. Please support the advertisers who fund your playing experience by entering the competitions and promotions that may appear from time to time.

And Finally...

Enjoy the games but please remember they are just for fun. If you get sacked for playing at work, expelled for playing at school or divorced for playing at home - don't blame us. Similarly we accept no responsibility for loss or damage incurred due to software malfunction or errors in question writing or game programming - enjoy!!!!!!!